Entrepreneurial-Based Learning By Building Your Own Reactor

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2016 AIChE Annual Meeting


Quite often in reaction engineering education, students are rigorously trained in applying material and energy balances and reaction kinetics for the purposes of reactor selection, sizing, and operating parameters. In chemical engineering laboratory instruction, students are often given the chance to operate and test various reactors or are given the opportunity to experimentally measure reaction kinetics. However, due to a variety of factors, students are rarely afforded the opportunity to build a chemical reactor, which can be an exercise in creativity and safety. At Kettering University, a Keen partner, the reaction engineering laboratory curriculum was revised to incorporate an entrepreneurial-based learning project where student teams selected a chemical reaction of industrial significance and through a guided process designed and demonstrated the reactor. Keen provided grant funds to develop the curriculum and to procure kits of parts which the students can use to build tubular reactors. By the end of 2016 this project will be offered for four quarters. The purpose of this project is open-ended and an exercise in creativity and safe practices as a reaction engineer

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