About Digital Commons @ Kettering University

Digital Commons @ Kettering is an institutional repository designed to store, showcase and share works created by members of the Kettering University community. Developed by the Kettering University Library, Digital Commons provides the university community with a platform for publishing and accessing content produced by faculty, students, and staff.

Digital Commons @ Kettering makes the collective works of Kettering University available to the University community and, where permissible, to the public. The repository documents the history and growth of the university, as well as current progress in engineering and automotive research. Members of the Kettering University academic community are invited to contribute completed scholarship for long-term preservation and worldwide electronic accessibility.

As well as being indexed by Google, Digital Commons content is also a part of the Digital Commons Network and Google Scholar.

The scope and policies of the repository will be determined by the Digital Commons Steering Committee. To learn more about Digital Commons, Open Access and related concepts, please visit our Digital Commons LibGuide.

In support of scholarship and research Digital Commons @ Kettering University will:

  • Collect, organize, provide access to, and archive the research, scholarship, and other significant institutional records of Kettering University.
  • Create global visibility for our campus by highlighting the deep knowledge of individual faculty members and institutional research that reflects the intellectual culture and learning environment of Kettering University.

About Institutional Repositories

Institutional Repositories (IRs) bring together all of a university's research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research.

IRs are an excellent vehicle for working papers or copies of published articles and conference papers. Presentations, senior theses, and other works not published elsewhere can also be published in the IR.

To learn more about Institutional Repositories, please visit bepress' IR research page.