Use of Pre-Laboratory Orientation and Safety Videos for the Landolt Iodine Clock Reaction Experiment in Undergraduate Reaction Engineering

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2013 AIChE Annual Meeting


In order to better prepare students for the chemical engineering laboratories at Kettering University, pre-laboratory videos were prepared for several experiments for the Unit Operations, Mass Transfer and Separations, and Reaction Engineering Laboratory Courses. These videos are provided to students on Blackboard in three segments: an introduction of the background and principles of the experiment, a safety orientation, and a demonstration of the experimental procedure. Each segment is between two and ten minutes in length. The videos supplement the written laboratory manual and broaden the scope of a "flipped classroom" to include a "flipped lab." This reduces pre-laboratory orientation time since Chemical Engineering laboratories at Kettering University are allotted two hours and provides students the opportunity to view the demonstration multiple times and enter the lab environment feeling confident of the expected procedure. Prior to performing the experiment, the students are orally quizzed. For this paper the use of laboratory orientation videos are discussed for an experiment involving the Landolt Iodine Clock Reaction, an introductory experiment regressing activation energy, frequency factor, and reaction order for the Chemical Engineering Reaction Engineering Laboratory course. Students were surveyed prior to and following the laboratory and these results and course outcomes will be discussed.

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