151Eu Mössbauer effect study of Pb2Sr2Eu.3Ca.7Cu3O8+z superconductor

Prem Vaishnava, Kettering University
Carl D. Nelson, Michigan State University
William P. Pratt Jr., Michigan State University
Punit Boolchand, University of Cincinnati

Work supported by the Center of Fundamental Materials Research, Michigan State University, East Lansing. MI 48224, U.S.A.


151-Eu Mössbauer Effect measurements have been performed on the title superconductor at 78 K. The quadrupole coupling constant ( −168 ± 14 MHz) is found to be small and negative. The isomer shift ( 0.78 ± .03 mm/s relative to EuF3) implies that Eu is trivalent in the compound.