Lattice vibrational behavior of XSn4 (X=Au, Pd, Pt) compounds

Prem Vaishnava, Kettering University
A. E. Dwight, Argonne National Laboratory
W.R. Dunham, The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
W. W. Zhao, The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Temperature dependent H9Sn M~Sssbauer effect measurements on AuSn4, PdSn4: and PtSn 4 compounds in the iemperature range of 10 to 295 K shows the presence of a Sn 4+ site. Variation of thermal shift and the Debye-Waller factor shows that the mean-squared displacement (lnf) and mean-squared velocity (3) of the tin nuclei are both characterized by a Debye temperature of 238, 255, and 304 K in AuSn4, PdSn4, and PtSn 4, respectively. No discernible evidence of a phonon mediated structural transition is observed in the temperature range studied.