Magnetic and Mössbauer effect study of laves phases of U x Fe100−x (x=32, 33.3 and 35)

Prem Vaishnava, Kettering University
A. E. Dwight, Argonne National Laboratory
D. Berggren, Northern Illinois University
L. Sill, Northern Illinois University


57Fe Mössbauer effect measurements have been made on U x Fe100x(x=32, 33.3, and 35) samples at 300 and 78 K. Laves phase structure was maintained for all three samples. Mössbauer spectra of the three samples were found to be a symmetric quadrupole doublet at 300 K. Such spectra were converted into a set of two overlapping six lines pattern at 78 K. The values of the hyperfine fields have been found to vary systematically with the iron content in the samples. The Curie temperatures, as determined by the ac susceptibility measurements, have been found to increase by increasing the amount of iron in the samples.