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American Association of Physics Teachers

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AAPT 2019 Physics Education


This poster presents the preliminary results of attitude surveys (E-CLASS - U. Colorado) given to students taking the current PHYS-225 - Electricity & Magnetism Laboratory at Kettering University as well as the beginnings of work done in redesigning the course around a set of skills-based learning outcomes and design activities to progress students toward achieving these goals. These outcomes will encourage students to: ask and answer scientific questions through experimental design and implementation; develop technical and practical laboratory skills; generate, analyze, and interpret data; incorporate uncertainty in measured values, calculated values, and graphical representations; and write effective technical reports that articulate the reasoning that connects theoretical models to laboratory activities and use appropriate style and voice. Our goals are to produce a more authentic laboratory experience through the use of open-ended activities, building reflection into assignments, and allowing students to have more of a say in what they are investigating. *The presenters would like to thank the authors of the E-CLASS survey

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