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Fall 2020


As we prepare to welcome the Kettering University community to campus for the Fall Term 2020, we are proud to be able to build upon the success of the summer term and the responsible and diligent way that our students, faculty, and staff responded to the challenge presented by the Coronavirus over the term.

Their shared commitment to safety has been truly inspiring as has been their responsible adherence to all guidelines and procedures that we put into place to limit the spread of the virus on our campus and our community. It is because of the way our community has responded that we are confident that we will be able to limit the spread of the virus in our community into our fall term.

The Fall 2020 Playbook details our preparations to help ensure for everyone’s safe return to campus in October. It incorporates lessons learned over the summer, feedback from our community, and the latest information and guidance provided by health officials. Included in the Fall Playbook:

• Requirements for social distancing and face coverings while on campus.

• Monitoring and reporting COVID-19 status or symptoms, and participation in contract tracing. COVID-19 testing availability for all students, staff, and faculty, including free and required testing criteria.

• Delivery and instruction of academic courses. Attendance policies for classes (in- person and virtual). Travel Restrictions and Requirements

• Dining services, events, and gatherings, both on and off campus.

• Other important information covering both on- and off-campus operations, pre-arrival preparations, and move-in.

The Playbook is a living document and is revised frequently. One key to a successful Fall Term 2020 is for everyone to stay informed, so please review it regularly for changes.