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An intramedullary nail (20) defining a bore (34) is inserted into a medullary canal (26) of a bone (24). A threaded fastener (22) has a compression portion (48) presenting a compression portion diameter (DCP) and a threaded portion (50) presenting a threaded portion diameter (DTP). The fastener (22) extends through a near cortex hole (40) and/or a far cortex hole (42), and the threaded portion (22) threadedly engages the bore (34). A compression transmission device (54) is disposed between a head (44) of the fastener (22) and the intramedullary nail (20) for transmitting the compressional load of the threaded fastener (22) to the intramedullary nail (20). An interior space of the compression transmission device (54) is greater than the compression portion diameter (DCP) providing space about the threaded fastener (22) for allowing the fastener axis (A) to be variously disposed relative to the interior space.

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US 8,771,272 B2


Kettering University