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The flow plate (20) defines stems (76), branches (78), and sub-branches (80) for moving fluid between each of the openings (34, 36) and the active area (42). The openings (34, 36) are trifurcated into two branches (78) and one stem (76) for providing flow of fluid through each of the stems (76) equal to the combined flow through co-diverging of the branches (78). The stems (76) have a minimal cross-sectional flow area less than the combined minimal cross-sectional flow area of the co-diverging of the branches (78). The stems (76) are bifurcated into two branches (78). The branches (78) have a uni form branch width (W) and are bifurcated into two sub branches (80). The active area (42) includes manifolds (46. 48) and active channels (50, 52) extending therebetween. Each of the sub-branches (80) is in fluid communication with one of the manifolds (46, 48). Each of the manifolds (46. 48) is trifurcated into three active channels (50, 52) for evenly distributing fluid between the openings (34,36) and the channels.

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Susanta K. Das, Grand Blanc, MI (US); Jayesh Kavathe, Flint, MI (US); Panini K. Kolavennu, Hillsboro, OR (US); K. Joel Berry, Flint, MI (US)