Integration of Real Forming Experience in a Virtual Forming Course

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings


The main objective of this paper is to present the current status of the course ME-510: Introduction to the Computer Simulation of Metal Forming Processes that was developed at Kettering University (KU). Currently, this course is offered independent of another course "Sheet Metal Forming", which deals with the real forming technology. However, 3 to 5 students take both these classes. The ME-510 class is well received by both the students and the participating industrial sponsors. At the ASEE2000 Conference in St. Louis, MO, the background, philosophy, benefits and limitations of offering a course sequence on the real and virtual forming was discussed. Due to a recent curriculum reform at Kettering University, many courses were revised, and wherever possible some of the courses or course topics have been integrated. With regard to the above mentioned two courses on metal forming, it became evident that there may be a possibility of integrating them in to a basic single course that covers both real and virtual forming scenarios. Initial feedback of the students taking these two classes supports this idea. This new proposal is still in its discussion stage and the resulting outcomes of such integration if any, will be presented in a future conference. This paper outlines the integration of some of the real forming technology in to the virtual forming course. In addition, the evaluation and assessment tools developed for this course will be addressed. Also, the results of some of the undergraduate/ graduate student applied research projects will be presented in more detail at the meeting, and the role of tool-based learning discussed. Due to the large size of the simulated computer graphics files, the detailed results will only be presented at the conference meeting. Finally, the author's perception of the course layout of a possible integrated course is presented in an Appendix.





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