Integration of Polymer Processing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Metal Casting Processes via Rapid Prototyping

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings

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American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference Proceedings


Facility preparation and curriculum design issues have been studied and a Stereolithography Apparatus has been purchased to be used by students of Polymer Processing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Metal Casting-at "GMI Engineering& Management Institute. The apparatus was installed in January of 1996. This is being followed by six months of training in solid modeling and use of the equipment, as well as finalization of early implementation plans for the Polymer Processing and Computer Integrated Manufacturing classes in the summer and fall of 1996. These plans will begin as part design information along with mold design requirements, derived and gathered by Polymer Processing students, are fed to students of Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Upon interfacing with the Polymer students, and equipped with SLA requirements, CIM students will develop appropriate solid models for prototyping. The development of permanent molds by students of metal casting is planned for long term. Plans for the use of this apparatus in pre-college programs is also planned for, with vision toward developing small focus groups comprised of faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and prospective students. Young people will be exposed to modern rapid prototyping technology and how it is implemented within an actual manufacturing system. It is expected that in the future, the addition of stereolithography to GMI's Polymer Processing/Computer Integrated Manufacturing laboratories will provide current exposure to manufacturing systems engineering for GMI students and inspiration in the area of Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) to young people considering further education in this field.


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