Implementing 3-D Modeling for Engineering Freshmen

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2000 ASEE Annual Conference


Kettering University has begun a process of replacing the existing 2-D CAD software (AutoCAD) and replacing it with an integrated set of CAE (SDRC Master Series) and PDM software. The integration of a single source of data for many CAE operations allows the faculty to teach using a powerful set of tools beginning in the freshman year. Solid modeling techniques, which stress the design intent of the model, enhance the skill set of freshman engineers and excites their interest on the mechanical engineering process. As a 100% co-op educational institution, the Kettering student skill with 3-D modeling tools early in the education process makes them more valuable to their co-op sponsor. Many of the University major sponsors have focused their CAE environment with a single data solution that eliminates the need for data translation and enhance their global communication.

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