Mechanics, Process, and Design Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials - A New Course Development

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2007 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition


Composite materials are widely used due to their advantages in high strength to weight ratios, high corrosion resistance, high fatigue life in cyclic loading, and great potential in styling design. This paper presents a new composite course development focusing on the properties, mechanics, manufacturing aspects, and design simulation of fiber-reinforced composite materials. Together with Properties of Polymers (MECH-580), Polymer Processing (IME-507), and Plastics Product Design (MECH-584), this new course will be an integral part of the course portfolio for the Plastic Product Design Specialty at Kettering University, which emphasizes both experimental labs and simulation techniques. Topics include Classical Laminate Theory (CLT), material characterization, failure and damage, manufacturing techniques, and composite structure and design. A course project is also developed to demonstrate the application of composite materials and design simulation. Kettering is a member of the Partners for the Advancement of CAE Education (PACE) program, and the term project will be performed using advanced workstations and CAE software suite.

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