A Methodology for Team Teaching a Course with Industrial Experts

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2009 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition


One way of bringing experience into the classroom is for faculty to partner with engineers in the field. The advantages to the students, the faculty and even the collaborating industrial partners are numerous, however preparation time for such endeavors often can be limited and the logistics complex. To ease the development of this type of experiential learning, a process for such collaborations is needed. In this paper, a template for a team taught course where university faculty partner with practicing engineers is provided. Using this template, a methodology that includes best practices, guidelines, and activities is developed which can be used by faculty to more easily integrate practice into their classroom. A checklist for selecting appropriate industrial projects with the collaborating partners is also included. To illustrate the usage of this methodology, a case study of a course partnership between industrial experts and Kettering University Mechanical Engineering faculty is provided.

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