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Flint: One City - One Hundred Years Under Variability

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The proposed conference titled "Flint: One City - One Hundred Years Under Variability" is scheduled to be held at Kettering University, Flint, Michigan, June 24-28, 2014. One of the main goals of the project is to bring together experts in the fields of predictive statistics with expertise in statistical modeling, education, and applications. A specific emphasis is on statistics of historical data. Through this event, the organizers intend to celebrate the International Year of Statistics and the 175th anniversary of the American Statistical Association. The practitioners in engineering and applied sciences are now extensively using statistical methods to solve problems arising in real-life situations dealing with local and federal governments, medical services, insurance, actuaries and public media. While most theoretical aspects and the range of applications of statistical methods have been well established, the organizers of this conference plan to bring together the most active and best researchers, educators, and practitioners to a common setting. The organizers hope that the participants such as students, teachers, and practicing statisticians will take back their experience to enhance their careers as well as to promote the use of statistics in day-to-day activities to benefit society.

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Program Manager: Gabor J. Szekely. DMS Division Of Mathematical Sciences. MPS Direct For Mathematical & Physical Science. Email:

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