Queueing Models in Services – Analytical and Simulation Approach


Nikolaos Limnios and Vladimir Anisimov

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Book Chapter

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Queueing Theory 2: Advanced Trends


This chapter focuses on a few selected queueing models that are useful in service sectors. It uses both analytical and simulation approaches to discuss a few selected models that are useful in practice as well as to point out the significant role played by the correlated arrivals. The chapter also focuses on the study of complicated queueing models through simulation using ARENA, a powerful simulation software. It briefly reviews phase‐type distributions and the batch Markovian arrival process (BMAP) as they will be used as building blocks for some of the simulated models. The chapter discusses a few queueing models of BMAP/G/c type in which the servers can go on a vacation whenever the system has no customers waiting in the queue at a service completion through simulation. In order to validate the simulated models, it looks at the classical vacation model.




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