A Stochastic Model for a Military Entrance Processing Station

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Proceedings of the 2015 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference

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2015 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference


This study aims to investigate the current productivity of a generic Military Entrance Processing Station, a MEPS facility. MEPS is a key gateway into any branch of the military and like any other recruitment office it can also face bottlenecks in its facilities. Using Stochastic Modelling, this paper aims to show how a generic MEPS facility operates by focusing on medical screening. The first stages of the study are to model a generic facility operating under current procedures as observed at the Troy, Michigan, facility. From the simulated model, we identify areas of improvements resulting in an increase in processing the number of applicants by a single facility on any given day. An increase in the number of applicants processed will also result in an increase in the value on a per processor (employee) basis. This will also help to identify areas where the workload can be spread across multiple processors to balance an overworked resource. Additionally, understanding where the bottlenecks occur in the system will enable managers to schedule their employees effectively or change the process order to improve the allocation of their resources


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