A Focus Visit from HLC was required following the Comprehensive Site Visit in February 2007. That Focus Visit occurred in March 2010. The purpose was to evaluate the adequacy of resources to support the current educational programs and Kettering University’s plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future. In its discussion of the rationale for the focused visit, the commission listed four shortcomings:
  • An over-reliance on tuition
  • Continuously declining graduate and undergraduate enrollments
  • An over-reliance on one-time gifts and the need to establish consistent revenue streams
  • Concern about the institution’s ability to retain sufficient staffing to support current operations




Self-Study for a Focus Visit, Kettering University

Report from HLC


Report of a Commission-Mandated Focused Visit — Advancement Section, Higher Learning Commission


Report of a Commission-Mandated Focused Visit — Assurance Section, Higher Learning Commission