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Rationale: According to the University policy in “A minor requires a minimum of four classes (16 credits) in a directed area of study”. However, per the Academic Catalog the Economics minor indirectly requires five classes (20 credits). This is because ECON-201: Economic Principles, which is a general education requirement and a prerequisite for all economics courses, does not currently count towards the Economics minor.

Proposal: 1. ECON-201: Economic Principles is a prerequisite for all economics courses. Therefore, ECON-201 should be included in the required courses for the Economics minor.

2. After discussion in the department level curriculum committee, we decided that both ECON-342: Intermediate Microeconomics, Managerial Economics and ECON-344: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Fluctuation become required courses for the Economics minor and HIST-322: Africa in the World Economy is eliminated from the Economics minor.