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Summary of changes and rationale

The following changes are being implemented:

  • Removal of CHEM 247 as a course requirement for the Biochemistry Program

  • Decrease in the number of required Advanced Chemistry Elective Credits from 6 to 2 credits for the Biochemistry Program

  • Change credit hours for CHEM 452 - Biochemistry II Lab from 2 credits to 3 credits.

  • Adopt increased credits for upper division lab courses including BIOL 382, Chem 352, Chem 362, Chem 374, and Chem 438. Forms are included in Applied Biology and Chemistry proposals.

  • Revision of CHEM 494. Change form is included in Chemistry proposal.

  • Adopt proposed changes to Biol 481-Genetics which will become Biol 351 and will be taken earlier in the biochemistry curriculum. Change form is included in Applied Biology proposal.

Please see attached Summary, Course Change Forms