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As the first phase of a larger proposal to make Kettering University’s Liberal Arts Curriculum more flexible as well as adopt a distributed writing model, the Department of Liberal Studies proposes the following revisions to the current LS General Education Program:

  1. Eliminate the requirement that students take COMM 201. Delete COMM 201 from the catalog.

  2. Eliminate the Writing Intensive (WI) designations for all LS electives.

  3. Distribute writing instruction across all LS electives. All LS electives (except ECON) will require a minimum level of writing.

  4. Require one COMM, one HUMN, and one SSCI elective.

  5. Require one advanced LS elective in COMM, HUMN, or SSCI (for a total of 4 LS electives rather than 3).

COMM 101, ECON 201, LS 201, and LS 489 will continue to be required (for a total of 4 required core courses rather than 5).