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This proposal aims to create a new concentration within the General Engineering BS program: “Engineering Management”

The differences from the other BSE concentrations include:

1. Replacing MATH 204/305 with IME 332, MATH 350 and a MATH/SCI elective. Rationale: a focus on statistical methods and financial mathematics that are appropriate for engineering management

2. Replacing MECH 311 for a more relevant IME course.

Beyond the core, the concentration includes a mix of IME courses and SoM courses based on the ASEM Book of Knowledge (included at the end of the catalog description for reference).

A few notes:

1. It meets the requirements to submit for ABET accreditation.

2. It contains two free electives which might be needed as pre-reqs, specifically. MGMT 104 for MGMT 205 and BUSN 221 for BUSN 331).

3. The proposal has been discussed with SoM and Dean

We believe this degree will allow us to retain some students that are struggling with higher-level math but will provide them with a very marketable degree