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Kettering Global is requesting approval for 2 course substitutions for graduates of the Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing who wish to earn a MBA as a second degree. Currently, these graduates must take 7 courses to complete the MBA as none of the MSLM program courses (MFGO prefix) are allowed as transfers. (The only courses that transfer to the second degree are 3 certificate courses.)

Review of MSLM and MBA course descriptions and outcomes revealed that 2 MFGO courses meet the criteria and outcomes for 2 MBA courses. As a result, Kettering Global is requesting the following substitutions be approved:

  • MFGO601 The Globally Integrated Manufacturing Company (MS Lean Manufacturing substituted for BUSN659 International Business in the MBA
  • MFGO659 Integrative Capstone Project for the MS Lean Manufacturing substituted for MGMT665 Strategic Management in the MBA

Currently students who complete an MBA. MSOM or MSEM can, per the catalog, add a second degree (either MBA, MSOM or MSEM) by taking 40% of the courses in the program or all core courses. MSLM students will be able to earn an MBA by taking 5 courses instead of 7 courses.