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On 22 August 2023, Faculty Senate Moderator Ben Pauli informed the Kettering Community of the formation of a Faculty Senate Task Force to examine the issue of generative AI systems and academic integrity. (See Appendix A at the end of this document.)

Since that time, members of the Task Force have conducted independent research into these issues, gathering information from numerous sources. By its very nature, such research will never be completed, especially as generative AI systems continue to evolve and become more mainstream in their use.

In addition to this research, the co-chairs of the Task Force have held meetings with the following groups of stakeholders:

● Council of Deans, 21 August 2023

● Engineering Department Heads, 29 August 2023

● School of Management Faculty, 30 August 2023

● ASC Staff, 11 September 2023

The Task Force has also benefited from the following student surveys:

● Three student surveys conducted by students in Prof. Larry Navarre’s MGMT-313 (Marketing Research) course, as part of their final course projects.

● Two student surveys conducted in CILE-101 in Summer and Fall 2023.

● Student surveys conducted by Profs. Dan Ludwigsen and Ron Tackett, as part of a pedagogical study in PHYS-115 during Summer 2023.

Various members of the Task Force have also viewed several webinars, including the following:

● The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education at Tufts, Teaching Symposium, Tufts University, 12 December 2023

● Ethical Quandaries in AI-ML: Facing the Tough Questions, ACM Webinar, 14 December 2023

● Bringing AI Literacy to the Higher Ed Institution, Grammarly Webinar, 24 January 2024

● On the Dark (Linguistic) Arts Practiced by Today’s Large Language Models, University of Virginia Webinar, 26 January 2024

The following document summarizes our findings and recommends further actions the Kettering community might consider adopting. The Faculty Senate should consider how it wants to respond to each recommendation (if at all); consequently, we have stated our recommendations informally rather than in parliamentary language suitable for Senate motions. We are, of course, open to further dialog and further requests for action.