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In response to the Faculty Senate’s charge, we present for your consideration three separate proposals dealing with restructuring of the Kettering University faculty governance system.

This is Part Two: Bylaw Revisions. In this part, we propose changes to the Faculty Senate Bylaws. Such changes must be approved by both a two-thirds majority of those voting (with notice) at a Faculty Senate meeting. These changes do not require a Faculty-wide vote.

The proposed changes contained in this proposal accomplish the following tasks:

  • Defining the manner in which members of Representative Faculty and General Faculty Committees are elected.
  • Removing the definitions of all old Senate committees.
  • Removing the definition of ad-hoc Senate committees, while retaining the definition of task forces. (The distinction between the two forms seems minor; one should suffice.)
  • Creating a section for the definition of new Senate committees (of both forms).
  • Correcting other minor errors.