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Janus LLC

Term of Thesis Completion

Fall 2019

Type of Thesis

Entrepreneurship (Business Plan) Thesis

Document Type

Exemplar Thesis Examples for Content

Degree Name

Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering


Janus LLC is a technology start-up company that is dedicated to design and manufacture a line of smart-home appliances at an affordable price for the private consumer. The first product that will be introduced to the market in the line of Janus’ smart appliances is the EOS Cube lamp. The EOS Cube is a smart-lamp that will set the mood for any occasion and serve as a smart-assistance to provide customers with the best user experience. The EOS Cube is placed in the Comfort and Lighting market. There is currently no monopoly in this segment, which will facilitate Janus entering the market without much resistance. Janus will be able to be profitable within the first year as it is expecting gross sales that will reach and surpass the break-even point at the end of the first year of operations. In addition, Janus is expecting to have a sizeable growth in year two and three due to the additional releases of products. This business plan details the strategies that will make Janus a successful and thriving business in the smart-home appliances industry.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering