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Mechanical Engineering


Sarah Cruz

Term of Thesis Completion

Spring 2019

Type of Thesis

Co-op Thesis

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Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


This work is a composition of several studies focused on geometric effects on hydrodynamic lubrication friction on a Delphi Technologies’ gerotor fuel pump section. The synthesized works were created in the helping process to the Fuel Handling team. The team’s overall goal with this project was to reduce electrical power consumption of the product at lower speeds per OEM request. Several modifications were made to the components of the mechanism to observe the hydrodynamic effects directly affecting overall pump performance. Moreover, three main sources of friction were identified and targeted for modifications. Each friction source study contained only the modified variables affecting the specific friction source at the time. Overall, modifications consisted in; varying journal-bearing clearances, testing of an alternative bushing material, a plugged drive shaft pocket, gear set eccentricity modifications ranging from 1.022mm to 1.065mm, and the analysis of a previous perpendicularity variation study from 2012. Out of all alterations, the ones which made a significant difference in power consumption are concluded to be; varying journal bearing clearances, improving axial pressure balance and eccentricity shift (with specific considerations).


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering