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Fall 2019

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Co-op Thesis

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Exemplar Thesis Examples for Content

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Mechanical Engineering




When energetic materials are subjected to thermal insult, an event may follow in which the explosive exothermically reacts in an undesirable fashion. This event is known as cookoff, or self-ignition, and understanding how different explosives behave during this event is critical for explosives safety. To further our understanding of how PBX 9502 (95% TATB, 5% Kel-F 800) behaves during cookoff, small scale laboratory experiment were conducted to study the pressure rise created by unconfined samples as they were heated to self-ignition. Collected data included high-speed video of deflagration, sample temperature, a time-lapse of thermal damage and expansion, quasi-static pressure during heating, and the dynamic pressure during cookoff. These data provide evidence that this composition remains impermeable through thermal evolution, until internal void pressure overcomes the mechanical strength of the material and drives macro-scale cracking.


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering