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Rachel Wyatt

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Summer 2019

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Research Thesis

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Exemplar Thesis Examples for both Content and APA Style/Format

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Computer Science


Computer Science


The Citizen Stories web application was developed to meet the need of a team of researchers who are collaborating on a project to collect and archive stories told by residents of Flint, Michigan regarding their experience with the Flint Water Crisis. Keeping a record of the stories and facts about the water crisis will create a resource for others to learn about the events that happened and how they can be prevented in the future. A user-friendly point-of-access for the video archives and other data relevant to the water crisis is vital for the archive to serve its purpose. To meet this need, the web application was developed with a Google map as the main feature, allowing stories to be grouped on the map by regions of occurrence and paired with meaningful data to provide a broader context to researchers and Flint citizens.