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A system and method for controlling an interior permanent magnet sychronous motor (IPMSM) are presented. In an exemplary implementation, phase current ripple estimation techniques are utilized for variable frequency switching pulse-width modulation control of the IPMSM. In one implementation, the method includes controlling a three-phase inverter based on an initial switching frequency to generate a three-phase alternating current (AC) voltage for the IPMSM. Transformed voltages are determined in a rotating reference frame based on the three-phase AC voltage in the stationary reference frame. Current ripples are determined in the rotating reference frame based on the transformed voltages. Phase current ripples are determined in the stationary reference frame based on the current ripples in the rotating reference frame. A modified switching frequency for the three-phase inverter is determined based on the initial switching frequency and the phase current ripples. The three-phase inverter is then controlled based on the modified switching frequency.

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Ahmad Arshan Khan, Young Joo Lee, Bing Cheng, Fei Yang, Allan Taylor