Design of a High-efficiency 12V/1kW 3-phase BLDC Motor Drive System for Diesel Engine Emissions Reductions

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2013 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition


For the conventional vehicle, an efficient and effective heat source that provides autonomous exhaust temperature control is of interest, and one solution is a diesel burner which needs to adjust its air delivery based on transient operating conditions through a three-phase motor drive system powered by a 12V lead-acid battery. The system proposed in this paper consists of a series-resonant LLC MOSFET full-bridge converter, which provides high-efficiency energy transfer through implementing Zero Voltage Switching, and an IGBT inverter which provides the high-side phase currents to a 1kW brushless DC motor. Experimental results on this prototype system demonstrate the LLC DC/DC part efficiency is 97.6% and the inverter efficiency is 92%.



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