A UML Validation Toolset Based on Abstract State Machines

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ASE '01: Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering

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16th IEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering


The Unified Modeling Language has become widely acceptedas a standard in software development. Several tools have beenproduced to support UML model validation. These tools translatea UML model into a validation language such as PROMELA.However, they have some shortcomings: there is no proof of correctness(with respect to the UML semantics) for these tools; andthere is no tool that supports validation for both the static anddynamic aspects of a UML model. In order to overcome theseshortcomings, we present a toolset which is based on the semanticmodel using Abstract State Machines. Since the toolset is derivedfrom the semantic model, the toolset is correct with respect to thesemantic model. In addition, this toolset can be used to validateboth the static and dynamic aspects of a model.

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