Modular Term-Long CS2 Projects

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FIE 2000 Conference Proceedings

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30th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference Building on A Century of Progress in Engineering Education


We present a model for a term-long computer science CS2 project which emphasizes modular code development and code-reuse while providing the opportunity to cover many traditional CS2 concepts. The project focuses on the construction of a simplified database system. The project is composed of a series of smaller assignments; each assignment requires students to replace or enhance work completed in previous assignments, thereby allowing students to experience the benefits of good modular design. Each project is of manageable size and complexity for both student and instructor, the final product is a program of non-trivial size and substantial functionality. The project can be easily varied from term to term in order to combat plagiarism, yet remains similar enough to administer reliably. We have successfully used this model over the last three years.


Print ISBN: 0-7803-6424-4

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DOI: 10.1109/FIE.2000.896641

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