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"I want people who look at my paintings to be able to pass through the illusionary surface of the canvas and enter a space where the ideas in my head collide with theirs."

James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist studied at the University of Minnesota between 1952-1954 before entering the Art Students League of New York. During his time in New York he supported himself as a professional sign painter, which later influenced his use of producing art on a massive scale and in the use of commercial imagery. He experimented with Abstract Expressionism before entering the Pop Art Movement. The juxtaposition of fragmented popular news media was used to explore the transformations in the topics of twentieth century consumerism, ecology, and politics. Collaged images of mundane objects, noted cultural personalities, engineering manuals and scientific documents were common themes. In this work, the artist uses three circular forms of the radiating ties, hangers and a form reminiscent of a flower. He was also interested in the use of circular dots inspired by the Ishihara color blind test of 1917 in the study of vision, sight and perception.