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An archery rangefinder for use from an elevated position comprises a power supply for an electronic digital panel meter and a power supply for two voltage divider circuits that comprise the rangefinding circuit. One voltage divider provides a voltage signal proportional to the elevation distance. This signal acts to supply the second voltage divider to attenuate the voltage further by a factor proportional to the tangent of the inclination angle. A weighted pendulum arm is attached to a potentiometric element in the second voltage divider to effect feedback relevant to the angle of inclination. All circuits and components are housed within an outer protective enclosure. Voltage across a fixed resistor in the second voltage divider is read and displayed by said digital panel meter as the range which is then used by the archer to increase accuracy of shots.

Patent Number

U.S. 5,479,712


Inventors Jeffrey B. Hargrove, William G. Wickham, John E. Briggs