Microprocessor control of Process Parameters in Injection Molding of Ploymers: an NSF-ILI-IG Proposal

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Conference Proceeding

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings Vol. 1

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American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference Proceedings


In an effort to improve the experience that the polymer processing students at GMI Engineering & Management Institute have with control mechanisms in injection molding, a National Science Foundation ILI grant proposal was written and subsequently funded to purchase a new injection molding machine having microprocessor process monitoring and control. Such control is typical in industrial settings. Laboratory experiments are possible with this new machinery which weren't possible with electro-mechanical controls. These experiments are discussed. Of equal importance to the program was the intention to employ this new equipment in the integration of two popular parts of the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) curriculum - Polymer Processing and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Benefits of this integration to the students of GMI and their cooperative employers are also discussed.