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American Society for Engineering Education

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2021 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference


The Quanser Qube is an integrated servomotor lab hardware platform [1], shown in Figure 1. This platform includes not only the direct-drive brushed DC motor, but also two encoders as well as the data acquisition system. One encoder is used to measure the rotation of the DC motor’s shaft itself. It is supplied with two standard items, an inertia disk and an inverted pendulum. The inertia disk is a small aluminum part, which mounts to the equipment using magnets. The inverted pendulum also mounts to the equipment with magnets, with an encoder that plugs into the equipment to provide an additional sensor input to the system. The system includes an amplifier and other necessary components in order to be controlled with either LabVIEW or with MATLAB/Simulink, with the LabVIEW control requiring the National Instruments myRIO device [1].

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