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American Society for Engineering Education

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ASEE's Virtual Conference: At Home With Engineering Education


Professional women in various fields often express issues they encounter in being able to access quality materials to support professional and personal needs, as well as work-life balance. By studying a variety of modes through which these materials are generally obtained, including conference participation, informal communication via social media, and utilization of networking opportunities, several gaps were identified in available support for professionals. Professionals from various backgrounds were also surveyed in order to better identify their needs in terms of career development. Distributed through a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as the Indiana Secretary for Career Connections and Talent Office newsletter, the survey collected demographic information and requested input on respondents’

preferred method of material delivery, as well as asking additional questions regarding currently- available materials and the specific needs of each respondent. This paper seeks to present

findings from the survey, in order to encourage the future development and improve the availability of materials to support professional development for women in engineering.


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