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ASEE's Virtual Conference: At Home With Engineering Education


The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) collegiate sections attract many men and women to the society, and they can be among the largest and most active student organizations on the university campuses. A key factor to boost membership is the active involvement of faculty advisors, who serve as the liaison between SWE collegiate sections, the university, the National SWE organization, and professional SWE members. A group of SWE faculty advisors previously conducted a survey of faculty advisors and counselors, with advisors and counselors aggregated in the results, to determine what aspects of their role they consider most significant, and how they engage with the students. The study showed that faculty advisors play an important role in providing continuity to the section, participation in and understanding of the larger organization, and in mentoring students on both general leadership and SWE leadership. This paper examines how students view the role of their faculty advisor in their SWE collegiate section. The objectives of this study are to understand the challenges that collegiate sections face and what types of support they need from their faculty advisor. A survey about the level of importance of different roles of faculty advisors was conducted. Additional ways students feel their faculty advisor could help them was also addressed. The data was analyzed to identify key factors that faculty advisors should consider while serving in these roles within student sections. The findings were then compared to the results of the self-assessment of the faculty advisors.


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