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2015 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

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2015 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition


Active Learning in the Supply Chain Management Course. This paper presents a new active learning approach implemented in the Supply ChainManagement (SCM) course in the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department.Previously, in this course the fundamentals of supply chain and logistics, drivers of supply chainperformance and analytical tools necessary to develop solutions for a variety of SCM and designproblems were mainly covered through class lectures and case study discussions. In the past fewyears, due to the growth in the needs of the organizations to “Lean” principles, the course wasmodified to satisfy this requirement more efficiently. For this purpose a new hands on experienceworkshop was utilized where the students could physically simulate the implementation of leanprinciples in a supply chain network. Through this simulation, students learned the fundamentalconcepts of a supply chain such as demand management, inventory management, role ofinformation system and coordination, transportation, and finance and accounting. In addition thestudents had the opportunity to actively practice the lean concepts such as Kanban, pull andpush, just-in-time production systems, and product and process design by being physicallyinvolved in a teamwork educational game. This simulation game could enhance materialretention and foster critical thinking among the students. Moreover, several directedpresentations by speakers invited from diverse industries and ISM (Institute of Supply ChainManagement) were arranged to expose the students to some real case studies and then someassignments were defined to promote higher order of thinking. To assess the effectiveness of thecourse restructure and the applied pedagogical methods, a survey is conducted to measurestudents’ satisfaction and evaluate their perception of knowledge about the lean supply chainmanagement, and the results are analyzed.

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