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CS 641 is our beginning Data Sciences course. Originally the program was intended only for CS majors but with the program changing to Applied Data Sciences and Data Analytics there is the opportunity to bring in students from other majors. Many of these may not have programming experience so they will be required to take CS 601 Programming for Data Sciences prior to this course.

Additionally we will create a CS 441 which is an undergraduate version that will be combined with this 641 but with a different prerequisite that functionally serves the same purpose.

The requirements for the graduate course will be significantly increased to meet the standards of the Graduate College. The combination of these two courses support students completing their degree adding a Master’s degree and are viable with current faculty resources

The change from Su/F to unlisted semester is because the program is now designed to be F and W for courses and Sp and Su for internships and research. We will leave the semester of offering open to provide maximum flexibility to schedule the courses.