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For the Engineering Physics Major add an option for intermediate courses from Electrical/Computer Engineering.

Replace: “MECH-210: Statics and MECH-212: Mechanics of Materials” with

“ (MECH-210: Statics AND MECH-212: Mechanics of Materials) OR (CE-210: Digital Systems I AND CE-320: Microcomputers I)

Rationale: Statics and Mechanics of Materials provide an intermediate level gateway to the range of Mechanical Engineering mechanics courses, and are essential for our EP students to succeed in an ME capstone design course involving mechanical design (some are more aligned with energy systems, which stems from the Thermodynamics course). Digital Systems I and Microcomputers I serve a similar gateway role for the Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering majors. A choice of intermediate courses provides a clearer pathway for students interested in either ME or the CE/EE options included in our EP major Engineering Elective sequence.