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Addition of BUSN 221 Financial Accounting (Sophomore 1; Summer/Fall)…4 credit hours

Justification: An in-depth understanding of financial accounting is considered as an essential component of common body of knowledge in the business/management curriculum across the globe and it prepares students better for the upper level courses. It is a part of the Common Professional Component (CPC) –ACBSP Accreditation Standard 6.

Addition of BUSN 312 Business Process Improvement (Junior 1; Summer/Fall)…4 credit hours; Course pre-requisite remains as Statistics for Business BUSN 271

Justification: The addition of this course will allow reintroduction of several important topics of business process improvement that were eliminated from the management curriculum caused by the elimination of the course in lean operations management (BUSN 361) with the previous curriculum change in 2018-2019. The new course number BUSN 312 is consistent with its Junior 1 level offering. This coincides with the deletion of BUSN 272.

Deletion of MGMT 102 Introduction to Systems Management…4 credit hours

Justification: The program is embracing systems view as an approach to appreciating the interconnectedness of functional and tool areas of business across the discipline in making managerial decisions instead of specialization in systems thinking framework as an independent course. Some of the systems thinking contents are integrated with the project management and team dynamics topics presented in the revised MGMT 101. This deletion will make room for courses in other critical components of management curriculum.

Modification of MGMT 101

Justification: Course content redesign to include complex-system thinking concepts and accordingly changed the course title to Introduction to Applied Management.

Deletion of MGMT 312 Systems Simulation…4 credit hours

Justification: This deletion removes a specialized focus on tools of systems dynamics for modeling while preserving the systems thinking view of management education across the curriculum. It allows addition of otherwise neglected or relegated critical components of management education in the curriculum.

Modification of Recommended Prerequisite for BUSN 331

Justification: Economic Principles (ECON 201) will better prepare students for the Financial Management (BUSN 331) course and therefore recommended to take.

Deletion of BUSN 272

Justification: Course redesign to reflect adjustments made in course content and title being consistent with the course description. New course is BUSN 312.

Modification of offering of BUSN 206/New BUSN 103 Freshman 1 Summer/Fall

Justification: Change in course offering sequence from to Winter-Spring to Freshman 1 Summer-Fall terms. The course number change to BUSN 103 will appropriately represent the course as a freshman level offering.

Modification of course title for MGMT 419-619 from Project & Change Management to Project Management

Justification: Change reflects the content design of the course.