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1) The number of the Vehicle Design Project course is being changed from MECH-548 to MECH-448, such that it is clear that the course is intended for senior level undergraduate students. Kettering University is eliminating 500 course numbers due to HLC concerns about our graduate programs. In the specific case of MECH-548, this is the undergraduate automotive capstone course. As such, it should not be possible for graduate students to enroll in the course, since the course contents are not suitable for them. The number change will lessen confusion about the purpose of the course, and ensure that graduate students cannot enroll in it.

2) The catalog description of the Vehicle Design Project course should be modified as indicated in the "Description" section above. These changes are consistent with how the automotive capstone course is being taught currently by its two instructors, R. Beikmann and J. Bastiaan. The catalog description is being changed to be more accurate and representative of the actual course content, and to remove a reference to a "small scale model of the vehicle" that is usually not created as part of the course.

3) The prerequisites for the Vehicle Design Project course are being modified, as indicated in the "Requisites and Corequisites" section above. MECH-320 Thermodynamics is being retained as a prerequisite, and MECH-300 Computer Aided Engineering and MECH-330 Dynamic Systems with Vibrations are being added. These prerequisite additions reflect the need for automotive capstone students to have electronic design drawing skills, along with a basic understanding of systems engineering. MECH-307 Materials Engineering is being removed as a prerequisite; it is assumed that many of the topics covered in this course will be introduced in MECH-212 Mechanics of Materials, which is a course that undergraduate students will have completed by the time they reach senior class standing (that is required to enroll in the course).