Flint: One City, 100 Years of Variability

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Conference Program

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Conference Agenda—Keynote Speakers, Invited & Contributed Talks, Posters, Field Trips

  • Tuesday, June 24
  • Wednesday, June 25
  • Thursday, June 26
  • Friday, June 27
  • Saturday, June 28

Select Sessions:

  • Elart von Collani “Statistics as a general tool for all sciences.”
  • Francesca Greselin “Measuring inequality at the time of the Great Divergence.”
  • Ernest Fokoue “Recent Applications of Statistical Data Mining for Big Data Predictive Analysis.”
  • Vladimir Kaishev “Probability and statistics in actuarial applications.”
  • Galia Novikova “Data Mining for Software Development Quality Management.”
  • Leda Minkova “Stochastic Models and Statistical Applications.”
  • Krzysztof Podgorski “Non-Gaussian stochastic models: theory and applications.”
  • Kristina Sendova “Risk measures, probability measures and mortality.”