A Sensor Fused Rear Cross Traffic Detection System Using Transfer Learning

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MDPI Sensors


Recent emerging automotive sensors and innovative technologies in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) increase the safety of driving a vehicle on the road. ADAS enhance road safety by providing early warning signals for drivers and controlling a vehicle accordingly to mitigate a collision. A Rear Cross Traffic (RCT) detection system is an important application of ADAS. Rear-end crashes are a frequently occurring type of collision, and approximately 29.7% of all crashes are rear-ended collisions. The RCT detection system detects obstacles at the rear while the car is backing up. In this paper, a robust sensor fused RCT detection system is proposed. By combining the information from two radars and a wide-angle camera, the locations of the target objects are identified using the proposed sensor fused algorithm. Then, the transferred Convolution Neural Network (CNN) model is used to classify the object type. The experiments show that the proposed sensor fused RCT detection system reduced the processing time 15.34 times faster than the camera-only system. The proposed system has achieved 96.42% accuracy. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed sensor fused system has robust object detection accuracy and fast processing time, which is vital for deploying the ADAS system.



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