Heterogeneous Community-Based Routing in Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks

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2014 IEEE 11th International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems


With the recent technical advances and popularization of smartphones, which are able to store, display, and transmit various types of media content, message forwarding in opportunistic mobile social networks has become a hot topic. In this paper, we propose a social-aware single-copy routing approach, which leverages the internal social feature information to resolve the social distance between the source and destination step-by-step. We introduce an optimal social feature forwarding set selection scheme for routing guidance, which is proven to achieve small message forwarding delay. We convert the routing process into an iterative 2-hop routing scheme, with a novel transition probability to measure the delivery delay of each hop. The transition probability is according to the community structure in each social feature space. Extensive simulations on both real and synthetic traces are conducted in comparison with several existing state-of-art approaches.

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