Hierarchical Cooperative Caching in Mobile Opportunisic Social Networks

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IEEE Xplore

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Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM 2014)


A mobile opportunistic social network (MOSN) is a new type of delay tolerant network (DTN), in which the mobile users contact each other opportunistically. While cooperative caching in the Internet has been studied extensively, cooperative caching in MOSNs is a considerably different and challenging problem due to the probabilistic nature of contact among the mobile users in MOSNs. In order to reduce the total access delay, we let the mobile users cooperatively cache these data items in their limited buffer space. We balance between selfishness (caching the data items according to its own preference) and unselfishness (helping other nodes to cache). The friends with higher contact frequency may share similar interests, hence, caching the data items for friend users can lead to some benefit. In this paper, we present a hierarchical cooperative caching scheme, which divides the buffer space into three components: self, friends, and strangers. In the self component, mobile users cache the data items according to their preference. In the friends component, mobile users help their friends to cache some data items. In the strangers component, mobile users randomly cache the remaining data items. We formally analyze the access delay of the proposed scheme. The effectiveness of our approach is verified through extensive real world trace-driven simulations.

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