Evaluation of optical changes of three types of lenses: hard PMMA, hydrogel, and heparin surface modified hard lenses effected by silicone oil, used clinically as a substitute of the vitreous body

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Polymers in Medicine


The objective of these investigations was an in vitro evaluation whether silicone oil OXANE of viscosity 5700 cSt clinically used in eye surgery as a substitute of the vitreous body, being in contact with an artificial polymer lens used as an implant of human lens, causes the changes in its optical properties. The paper presents the results of spectral analysis of transmission of visible (VIS) radiation of three types of artificial lenses: hard PMMA, hydrogel, heparin surface modified (HSM) hard PMMA, and the same lenses damaged by YAG laser radiation with an energy increasing from 1.7 mJ to 3.7 mJ, exposed to clinically applied silicone oil. The studies were carried out, in two-week intervals, over a period of 20 weeks. Hard PMMA and HSM lenses were found not to have changed their optical properties after 20 weeks of exposure to silicone oil. The measured transmittance values were within the range of instrumental error (+/- 1%). Optical properties of hydrogel lenses exposed to silicone oils deteriorated with exposure and after 20-week exposure to silicone oil the average transmittance value decreased by about 18%, reaching its final value of 67.08 +/- 2.37% (RSD = 5.56%). A minimal decrease of the initial transmittance values was observed only for the lenses exposed to laser radiation of highest energy (3.7 mJ). After completed exposure to silicone oil, two kinds of lenses were found to have a slightly improved transmittance: hard PMMA lenses by about 4% and HSM lenses by about 2%. On the other hand, in case of hydrogel lenses the deterioration of optical properties to the extent comparable to that of hydrogel lenses not damaged by laser radiation was observed.





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